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  • We have securely processed many transactions which helped businesses and customers avoided scams
  • Use TrustMate® Escrow for risk-free payments and peace of mind
  • If you're a business, use TrustMate® Escrow to build trust and confidence with your customers
  • TrustMate® Escrow keeps both parties honest to avoid 419 scams
  • When in doubt, protect your money and pay through TrustMate® Escrow
  • Thousands of satisfied customers used TrustMate® Escrow to pay risk-free and avoided 419 scams

Who is TrustMate® Escrow?

TrustMate® Escrow is the most reliable, secure, and risk-free payment method used to safeguard merchants, brokers, and consumers against transaction fraud. We are your third-party payment protection against scams! As escrow agents and risk managers, we at TrustMate® Escrow assume the responsibility of monitoring and handling the promised finances for any contractual agreement between two parties. We provisionally hold these funds in an escrow custodial account until the conditions of the contract are met; once both parties are satisfied with the transfer, we disburse the funds.

Our principal role is to secure both merchants and consumers and we achieve this by employing effective protections, including bank verifications, extensive documentation, and financial tracking numbers. By acting as an indispensable intermediary between transacting parties, TrustMate® Escrow facilitates honourable financial agreements, mitigates apprehension, and ensures that clients walk away feeling confident about the security of their exchange.

Trustmate & RSG Global

Step - 01

Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the transaction

Step - 02

Buyer submits payment to TrustMate® Escrow's Trust Account

Step - 03

Seller fulfills the agreement by delivering the promised goods or services

Step - 04

Buyer approves and accepts the goods or services

Step - 05

TrustMate® Escrow releases payment to Seller

Businesses! Use TrustMate® Escrow to build your customers' confidence and trust!

Why Merchants & Sellers Love TrustMate® Escrow

From the financial risk-management perspective, TrustMate® Escrow establishes a trustworthy relationship between businesses and their customers. TrustMate® Escrow retains and oversees customer funds in an escrow custodial account; we protect the seller by guaranteeing the availability of these funds to complete the transaction. Thus TrustMate® Escrow affords all sellers - merchants, businesses, and small vendors - the opportunity to conduct honest commerce with serious customers. Sellers love TrustMate® Escrow because we provide a platform for efficient, profitable, and safe business transactions and, ultimately, because we offer peace of mind.

Why Buyers Love TrustMate® Escrow

TrustMate® Escrow gives customers the power to pay for goods or services with confidence. We do not release held funds to the seller until the product in question is satisfactorily delivered. TrustMate® Escrow provides buyers with the trust and assurance to negotiate with sellers who will deliver quality goods and services, as promised.

Customer Testimonials

Read these awesome testimonials from our satisfied users!

As a business owner with several rental properties, it just makes complete sense to use TrustMate Escrow services to protect my investments. In the past I’ve had potential tenants pay for their lease agreements with bank cheques that only end up coming back as insufficient funds after they’ve already moved into a rental unit. It’s almost impossible to get people who haven’t paid to move out. People have stories when it comes to paying you the money they owe you; so TrustMate eliminates that part of the transaction. Now with TrustMate, potential tenants must deposit their complete rental money into a TrustMate Escrow account in advance, and then sign all of the necessary paperwork before they get the keys to my rental property. This process protects both myself and the potential tenant because we both must agree before any money or property is exchanged, and this is all done using their smart phone App. This is the best way to do business.


I love purchasing unique clothing items for my small clothing store, from different suppliers who travel all over the world. It is difficult to trust people to deliver what you paid for, and it is also difficult for the suppliers to purchase items on my behalf without knowing if they will get their money back for the goods. With TrustMate Escrow, both myself as the clothing store owner, and the supplier who purchases the merchandise for me when they travel, we are both protected. I just tell the supplier what items I want, and they tell me how much it will cost, we create an agreement using TrustMate Escrow App, I put the money with TrustMate, they hold it in an escrow account until my merchandise is delivered to my satisfaction, and until I agree to pay the supplier to his satisfaction, if we are both satisfied with the exchange, we just log on to TrustMate and complete our transaction, it is that simple. We are both protected.


There are many horror stories for maids and housegirls. As a domestic worker I have been cheated out of my payment for working many times. These people they promise to pay you if you clean their house, take care of their children, wash their clothes, cook their dinner, and everything else. But often when it comes the time to pay, they give me the runaround and excuse as to why they cannot pay me what they agreed to pay me, or they cannot pay me at all. Now every job I take on, I require the client to download the TrustMate Escrow App to hire me for their domestic job. I tell them the amount I need to be paid for the required work they need me to do, and we create our contract using TrustMate Escrow App. The client must put the amount in the account. The good thing is that the money cannot be withheld unless I agree, and the client cannot retrieve their money until I agree, if I did not do the required work. It forces both parties to deal truthfully or forfeit the money. I like it a lot and it saves me a lot of headache.


For things like purchasing cars, from individuals or car dealers, TrustMate is the only method of payment I trust. If you don’t want to lose money dealing with people and their scams, use TrustMate to protect your money. It’s easy and reliable.


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Our TrustMate® Escrow app is the fastest and most secure way to start your transactions on the go. Download it today!

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The TrustMate® Escrow app is secure, fast and a great way to start your transactions on the go! TrustMate® Escrow provides buyers and sellers with the platform and protection to deal honestly without any risk of fraud or chargebacks.